What People Are Saying

What Teachers are Saying About EEI

“Field-testing the EEI Curriculum in my classroom was a high point in my teaching career. To watch students engage with the natural world and make new intellectual connections as a result of their learning is educational gold.”

—Elk Grove Unified School District

“My class loved it. The EEI lessons were the ones they have been most excited about all year!”

—Lompoc Unified School District

“I am amazed how EEI’s California Connections engaged my students. After completing the unit, my Environmental Studies class has initiated a campus recycling program, a school garden, and is compiling a book of the birds that live in and around our ‘campus ecosystem’. Thank you for this exciting material.”

—Galt Joint Union High School District

“I really enjoyed teaching the EEI Curriculum unit because the students were all engaged. It gave them some real life examples of places close to home that actually happened around their lifetimes. This is huge, because it makes history real.”

—Calaveras Unified School District

“The graphics and color photographs make this curriculum visually stunning. When I assessed student learning, I knew they ‘got it’.”

—Santa Cruz City School District

“After an EEI lesson, my students were so engaged that they extended the lesson out onto the playground! Some of my students did their own evaporation experiment by taking two vials of water out with them for PE to see how much water would evaporate if one vial was kept in the shade and one in the sun.  After the hour was over they were excited to show me the results and if it matched what they predicted. Prior to this, I had not had any student take what they learned in Science rotation and want to do another experiment on their own.”

—San Diego Unified School District

“The EEI Curriculum did a fantastic job at getting the kids interested in the environmental impacts of human activity over time. They can now correlate a changing economy with changing behaviors, needs, and environmental impacts.”

—Elk Grove Unified School District

What Students are Saying About EEI

“Can school always be this way? I feel like I am learning important information for my life.”


“Wow! I had no idea that the things I use every day take so many resources to make. Now I realize how much we depend on lots of Earth’s resources for everything we use. I’ll never look at the stuff I use in the same way as I used to.”


What Others are Saying About EEI

“As air quality, dependence on foreign oil, and safe drinking water become issues of great importance in our lives, it’s essential that our students have some level of environmental literacy so they can have a chance of dealing with them. The EEI Curriculum provides the tools to tackle those weighty matters. We need it now, more than ever.”

—Ed Begley, Jr., Actor/Philanthropist

“In a time when most of the talk focuses on budget cuts and teacher performance, the State created an innovative and integrated approach to Science and Social Science education that will result in environmentally literate students.”

—Mark Gold, Heal The Bay President

“This first-in-the-nation environmental curriculum will help change the way we look at solving our environmental problems. Today’s environmental issues are integrated into everyday life, and this curriculum gives us the opportunity to help shape our future leaders and educate them about preserving our environment through their everyday academics.”

—Senator Fran Pavley, California State Senate

Other Resources

  • Education and the Environment Initiative Leadership Support (PDF, 100 KB)
    Statements from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cal EPA Secretary Linda Adams and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell in support of Education and the Environment Initiative.
  • Education and the Environment Initiative Campaign Leadership Roster (PDF, 471 KB)
    Strategic guidance and oversight of the EEI campaign for implementation is provided by a passionate and committed group of volunteers serving on our Campaign Executive Committee or as EEI Ambassadors.
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    Newsletter from the CSBA in support of the Education and Environment Initiative Curriculum.
  • Education and the Environment Initiative PowerPoint Presentation (MS PowerPoint, I.2 MB) | (PDF, 765 KB)
    This PowerPoint presentation explains the development and current status of the Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum.
  • Education and the Environment Initiative PowerPoint Presentation Speaking Points (PDF, 73 KB)
    Speaking points that are recommended to use with Education and the Environment Initiative PowerPoint presentation.
  • California Department of Education PPT Presentation (PDF, 4 MB)
    California Department of Education presentation on the Education and the Environment Initiative given at EEI Summit on May 13, 2010 in Sacramento.
  • Superintendent Jack O’Connell’s EEI Speech
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell’s welcome at the Education and the Environment Initiative Summit on May 13, 2010 in Sacramento.
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