The Campaign

Developing Private/Public Partnerships to Support EEI Implementation

California’s economic prosperity, the health of our citizens, and possibilities for our future are tied directly to the education of our children. Now is the time to ensure our students understand their relationship with the environment. Now is also the time to ensure our students are prepared to be knowledgeable leaders and consumers who can make informed decisions about California’s future.

The EEI Curriculum is poised to implement and has the potential to:

  • increase environmental literacy
  • help millions of students become informed decision-makers
  • advance tomorrow's leaders in a changing economy
  • reach more than 6.2 million students and 150,000 teachers in California
  • serve as a model across the nation and internationally

Unfortunately, government budget constraints and demands on already-strained school districts are preventing the most effective dissemination and implementation of this innovative curriculum.

Because environmental literacy is too important to wait,  the EEI leadership is launching a major campaign to develop public/private partnerships, raise funds and in-kind support to introduce the EEI Curriculum into California school districts efficiently and effectively. The overall project need is estimated at  $22 million over four years to cover outreach, printing and distribution, teacher training, evaluation and building long-term sustainability.

The curriculum is posted online, as required by law - yet surveyed teachers strongly express the need for hard copies of select curriculum components, including student workbooks, image-rich vocabulary cards, and beautifully illustrated maps created by the National Geographic Society. Teachers will be encouraged to use digital format whenever feasible and forego the use of printed materials. Part of Cal/EPA's short-term goal is to enhance digital versions of the EEI Curriculum so it is available to educators as classrooms are increasingly equipped to allow the use of digital instructional materials.

Cal/EPA's ambitious  goal is that 100% of California’s school districts have the opportunity to obtain and implement this curriculum by 2014. This means reaching  more than 1,000 school districts, 9,900 schools, 150,000 teachers, 6,200,000 students, and countless families, communities and businesses in our state and beyond.

EEI reaches the diverse student populations and geographic regions of California - from the kindergartener all the way to the high school graduate. However, the EEI Curriculum is only effective if it is used. Without additional private support, the EEI Curriculum will not make its way into active use in California’s classrooms today and we will miss the opportunity of providing this valuable education to a generation of students.

The EEI, with its broad reach, proven curriculum, and ambitious goal of leading the nation in environmental literacy, is one of the most significant philanthropic initiatives impacting California’s schools. Please join us in this important effort to bring the EEI Curriculum into California schools to increase environmental literacy in our communities. The number of teachers and students that can be accommodated with materials and training to achieve effective implementation is directly linked to commensurate funding.

You have the ability to dramatically shape the future of California through your support of the EEI today. Please join us!


EEI Curriculum. Click to enlarge image.
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Education and the Environment Initiative,
Last updated: June 25, 2012

"Field-testing the EEI Curriculum in my classroom was a high point in my career.
To watch students engage with the natural world and make new intellectual connections as a result of their learning is educational gold."

– Second Grade Teacher
Elk Grove Unified School District