Aligning Your Materials with EEI

The EEI Curriculum connect to a wide variety of instructional practices such as outdoor education, field studies, community-based activities, and service-learning. Many agencies, institutions, and organizations throughout California have identified themselves as providing programs and materials that can be used in conjunction with the EEI Curriculum.

A process has been established for non-State entities to use when determining if their educational materials are complementary with the EEI Curriculum. If you are interested in aligning your organizations materials with EEI, please review and follow the information provided below.

How do I align with the Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum?

The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) was established in 1999 by the California Department of Education. TheCLRN objectives are to:

  • Identify and review supplemental electronic learning resources such as software, video, and Internet resources.
  • Identify learning units aligned to resources and the state academic content standards.
  • Maintain an interactive web site to provide information about electronic learning resources through an online searchable database and links to state education technology projects and resources.

CLRN was established to provide educators with a “one-stop” resource for critical information needed for the selection of supplemental electronic learning resources. The CLRN review of supplemental electronic learning resources utilizes the State Board of Education approved criteria for Social Content review, California Content Standards Match verification, and CLRN minimum requirements review. There is a clear and simple process for submission of resources and the review process may take up to ninety days.  Deadlines and requirements regarding electronic and hardcopy submittals are detailed in the California Learning Resource Network Supplemental Electronic Learning Resources (ELR’s) Review Criteria and Process document.

Step 1  

Please use this link to access CLRN: Follow the CLRN requirements and process.

Step 2

Once you receive approval by CLRN, submit your materials to the Office of Education and the Environment for review and possible inclusion on the EEI Curriculum Instructional Support webpage.


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Last updated: June 25, 2012

"If I had the choice to teach Science and History-Social Science from the state adopted textbook or the EEI Curriculum… I would choose the EEI in a heartbeat!"

– Fifth Grade Teacher
San Diego Unified School District